Here are the preliminary steps to help you get started:

1. Sign up and activate your Timeportal® account

  • sign up for a free account ( use the form on the left side of this page)
  • within a few minutes, you should receive an email with a confirmation link
  • click on the link (or paste the link in to your browser)
  • you will be prompted to select a web address for your company
  • log in to timeportal using your custom web address: https://[your_company]

2. Enable / Disable Modules

  • go to the 'ADMIN' menu and the 'Dashboard' tab
  • under the 'Modules' section you will see a list of modules with checkboxes
  • by default they will all be checked, which means that they are all active
  • simply uncheck the modules that you do not want to use
  • unchecking a module will only hide the tab and prevent access, it will not remove any existing data

3. Set up your employees

  • go to the 'ADMIN' menu and the 'People' tab
  • click on '+ Add Employee Account' link and follow the onscreen instructions to add each of your employees
  • make sure to set a work province and assign a supervisor for approval purposes

4. (if applicable) Set up your clients and projects

  • go to the 'ADMIN' menu and the 'Companies' tab
  • click on ' New New Company' and follow the instructions to enter the client information
  • go to the 'ADMIN' menu and the 'Projects' tab
  • click on ' Add New Project' and follow the instructions to add the project

5. Train yourself and your employees

  • all of the resources you need to setup and train your staff can be found on this page
  • The basic concepts section below helps give an overall understanding of how everything fits together
  • The training videos walk through how to accomplish common tasks
  • The detailed help section contains a complete list of features and how to accomplish them

How to create an account (02:50)


Getting started (5 min)
Sick Days (3 min)
Policies & procedures (1 min)
Expense tracking (12 min)
Time Tracking (6 min)


Getting started (5 min)
Sick Days (2 min)
Policies & procedures (1 min)
Expense tracking (12 min)
Time Tracking (6 min)

HR Administrator

Getting started
Company holidays
Sick Days
Time tracking
Client & project management

On-boarding checklist
Off-boarding checklist
Vacation year-end checklist


  1. How much does the system cost?
  2. How do my employees access the system?
  3. Do you keep backups and if so, how many?




Timeportal® is primarily a self-serve application and the pricing reflects this model; however, we are available by email and telephone to provide support if you are not able to resolve your issue on your own. Please make an effort to use the extensive support resources on this website before you contact us with a how-to type question.

If you are looking for tech support, please be aware that web-based systems (like Timeportal®) are dependant on your browser and computer being in good working order. Please try a different browser (Firefox / Safari / Chrome) and/or a different device (tablet, smartphone, laptop) to see if the problem might be related to your setup before you contact us. Thanks!


Email is our preferred method of contact for all matters. If you want us to call you back, please include a phone number and some good times to call you.

For tech support and help:
For sales inquiries:




Our current head office is located in Huntsville, Ontario

14 West Road, Huntsville, ON P1H 1L2

This web site is hosted with Amazon AWS and the Timeportal® application is hosted in Toronto, Ontario by IBM.