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Imagine a world where your employee records and processes are automated, organized, securely accessible from anywhere, and easy to use. Timeportal® can take you there.

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A small price to pay for peace of mind.

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We offer extensive how-to videos and other resources which walk employees or managers through specific tasks. If you have a specific question, please browse our frequently asked questions or contact us for direct support.

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Why you should sign up

Timeportal® takes away the time, pain and frustration of your day-to-day employee administration. Most small businesses fail to effectively handle even the most basic human resource processes.

The single most compelling reason to use Timeportal® is:

It will make everyone's day-to-day work life easier and happier.

Business Owners

Ask yourself these five questions:

Timeportal® will help you answer 'yes' to all of these questions and more.

It costs too much

The monthly cost can add up quickly if you have more than a few employees.

To put the price in to perspective, sometimes it helps to consider the other costs associated with an employee. Consider these sample monthly direct costs for one employee with a $30k salary:

You are only adding an extra $20 to this. Consider some of the costs that Timeportal® can help prevent:

Remember that this service removes any requirement for additional hardware, software, or paper forms that you may already be using. You don't have to worry about the infrastructure or technical support and upgrades are all included!

Can you really put a price on happiness? Get rid of all those paper processes and administrative headaches. Timeportal® will organize your staff in a way that keeps everyone happy and efficient. There is not a small business with employees that will not benefit from Timeportal®.



When you sign up, your first month is free and then you pay each month, at the end of the month. If you cancel your service because you are not fully satisfied with Timeportal®, you will not be charged for the current month. In other words, you have a two month period in which to try out the system without any cost.

Timeportal® is billed monthly based on the number of employees that are given accounts on the system.

CAD per employee per month + tax


The privacy of your data is very important to you and to us, and we take all reasonable measures to make sure that the system is secure. Our web hosting is located in Canada with a reputable provider. The administration module allows you to do the following tasks yourself:


The system has been running since 2003 without any significant downtime. Our goal is 100% uptime and most years we accomplish this. We guarantee that the system will not be down for more than 12 hours in any given month, which is about 98% uptime. If we do not meet this guarantee, we will refund 20% of your monthly cost for each day over the 12 hours that the system is unavailable or inoperable. The 12 hours will also include any outages due to maintenance or upgrades which we schedule during the night.