Features to save you time and money

Timeportal® is a web-based system that can be securely accessed by anyone with a valid account from any device (mac/pc, tablet, smart phone, etc.) using any recent web browser. The company administrator creates accounts for all of the employees using their email addresses as usernames. Once the accounts are created, employees are able to reset their passwords on their own and access the system from anywhere.

Email notifications are sent to managers and employees based on the modules that are being used. Typically these notifications are delivered when approvals are required or requests are approved/denied.

Each employee account is assigned to a manager (which is any other employee) and they are also assigned various other settings like number of vacation days per year, vacation day adjustments, etc.

Timeportal® billing is based on the number of employee accounts that are created. Each month the charges are applied to your credit card and you are able to suspend your account or cancel at any time to stop billing. See the pricing page for more details.

Company holidays

Company holidays are entered in to the system once and then the system automatically creates them each year. These days are used to calculate vacation and sick day usage.

Vacation tracking

  • employees log in and can see their current vacation allotment, usage to date, and any current requests
  • employees request vacation by setting a start and end date and giving an explanation
  • the system calculates the number of vacation days required based on weekends and company holidays
  • once submitted, the system sends an email to the employee's manager for approval
  • the manager will see the request, number of days required, number of days remaining, etc. and can either approve the request or deny the request and give reasons to be sent back to the employee
  • employees are able to account for time worked during a vacation
  • vacation requests can be adjusted any time during the calendar year, even after the vacation is past, as long as the manager approves the change
  • employees and managers are able to view the vacation calendar to see when other employees will be on vacation
  • managers and administrators are able to view a concise report which shows all of the current vacation totals by employee for the current year

Sick day tracking

  • employees log in and can see their current vacation allotment, usage to date, and any current requests