About timeportal® a brief history

Timeportal® is owned and operated by Claero Systems and it has been used by small businesses for over 15 years.

It was originally built in 2002 by Claero Systems and has been used ever since then as an internal time tracking system to allow employees to track their billable and non-billable time. This information is then used to generate invoices. Over the next few years the system grew to handle basic client management (specifically for IT companies).

Since 2005 various other companies have used timeportal® to successfully track their time and clients.

In 2007 expense tracking was added and one client entered over $11 million in expenses over 5 years.

In 2008 vacation tracking was added.

In 2016 the entire system was rebuilt from the ground up using modern frameworks.

In 2017 the app was given a user interface refresh and shift management was added. The automated sign-up and invoicing system was revamped and a push to resell the product was started.

Starting in Jan 2018 the team is now marketing this service to Canadian businesses.

Claero Systems

Claero Systems is a Canadian corporation that has been operating continuously since 2001 and has been using timeportal® since 2003. Claero began by offering turn-key office computer systems and support - including websites and custom software. By 2006 they became entirely focused on building rock solid, efficient web applications for small business clients.

Fluctuating from one to fifteen employees, the company has worked out of 4 different office locations in Calgary, an office in Ottawa, and it is currently based out of Huntsville, Ontario. Our mission is still to help small businesses take advantage of the latest computer technology and our focus still remains web application development.


Despite the fact that Timeportal® has been live for over 14 years, it is only starting in January 2018 that we are actively selling the system and looking for new customers.

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